This is a choral project based on the reproduction of women’s portraits of mixed ages and ethnicities where I will print the word “stop” in different languages.
For the portraits I use a photographic technique known as Gum Diazo Printing that I learnt from Graciela Olio, Paulina Rucco and Sol Carta in Argentina.

In Spanish “to develop a photo from a negative “is translated by using the verb “to reveal” and I love “revealing” the faces of women saying STOP to the violence against women.
I invite you to collaborate with this project. How? You have to take a picture of yourself. It may be a selfie, but it is important: – that you have frontal light, avoiding if you can areas with shadows. –
If you have dark hair, try to have a light background and vice versa. – Try to focus on the message we want to convey when you take the photo (don’t smile) – Try to send it in the best definition you can. The photo will be reproduced in cm 25 x cm 25 at a maximum of 300 dpi. But if you don’t understand what we are speaking about, send the photo and we can try to fix it.

Send the photo to: silvialevensonbasta@gmail.com

If you speak a language that is not Spanish, English, French or Italian, send to us the translation of the word STOP connecting to the violence against women.

Gracias! Silvia