When Silvia Levenson asked us to help her bring her artistic work to greater visibility, we were delighted that amongst her many iconic images she had chosen the ‘pink hand grenade’. This image has become almost a recurring theme in her work:
it was born from her observation that often interpersonal relationships, and love in particular, can be represented by an undetonated bomb that could explode at any time.
We have shared the proofs of the new design, we have discussed them, and we have found a graphic expression that reproduces exactly her work. We believe in this project so much that we have trademarked this distinctive image.
At this point, we needed to identify who could give life to the grenade with design and taste, and we have found in Mantico the perfect counterpart.
Mantico is a small artisan business with a great history of style.
They produce unique pieces with a captivating design. Their ability to customize is basically limitless. It is completely produced in Italy.
Once we identified the line, we chose three pieces, we commissioned the material, and after few attempts, we got a product that satisfied us completely.
Here is the mini collection, personalised, produced with great attention to details, from the storage pouch to the stand to the woven or plexiglass label. Unique pieces, where even the tag, which contains information on Silvia Levenson and Mantico, can become a small collectable.
In the “Museo” series the hand grenades are individually signed by the artist.
The artist has decided that a portion of proceeds will go to Differenza Donna, an association that supports women against gender-based violence.


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MANTICO means “bag” in latin: in our philosophy it represents an imaginary space to store all the experiences and which allows you to express yourself in each moment.
MANTICO creates bags and accessories with the features of a made to measure garment thanks to a unique elegance, a high craftsmanship level and great quality fabrics and materials.
Unisex, but distinctive;
Comfortable, but extremely roomy; Simple, but with great attention to details. Accessories? Even more

Arte & Industria is an innovative enterprise of Studio Anna Fileppo that promotes a synergy between artists and business. We encourage and coordinate a creative exchange between art, design and the best in artisan manufacturing to bring contemporary art into everyday life. For long time our motto has been ‘There is no communication without emotion’. The emotion is the search for ‘beauty’, a beauty that is not abstract, sterile, or an end in itself, but something that can enhance ‘image’ and help in the process of communication.

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